• Plantation de la Montagne Pelée Grand Hors d’Âge XO

Plantation de la Montagne Pelée Grand Hors d’Âge XO

Extra Old Agricultural Rhum 
Martinique AOC

INTRODUCTION: Moving and majestic, the Habitation is a challenge: it is located on the very slopes of Mount Pelée, the volcano that destroyed Saint Pierre in 1902, killing 30,000 people. At the end of the 19th century, Saint Pierre was the rum capital, and the richest city in the West Indies. No fewer than 20 distilleries (13 in the immediate vicinity) were destroyed by the eruption of May 8, 1902. The Depaz distillery, rebuilt after the disaster by Victor Depaz in the 1920s, then modernized by André Depaz in the 1960s, is THE emblematic distillery of Martinique. 

In 1998, a terrible fire destroyed one of the most important stocks on the island: 700,000 litres of aged rum were lost, as was the Trois Rivières stock in 1999, which explains the rarity and value of old rums from Martinique. 

Depaz Rum is produced only with the estate’s own sugarcane, rich in sugar because of the volcanic ash soil. The distillery’s water supply comes from the Goyave, 3 kilometres from the Plantation, for which Victor Depaz built a canal in 1910. After defibration, this water is used for the imbibition of the sugarcane. The ageing cellar is new and cannot be visited for safety reasons- a fire broke out here in 1998 due to a welding incident in an alcohol-saturated air. 

ALCOHOL: 45 % vol 

ORIGIN: Distillerie Depaz - Saint-Pierre – Martinique 

TERROIR: The slopes of Mount Pelée, fertilized by the volcanic eruption of 1902. Sugarcane fields surround the distillery, which ensures the freshest possible harvest. 

WATER PURITY: The distillery’s water supply is from the Goyave, the purest water on the island. 

ROBE:  Warm gold, amber, brilliant, and uncompromising. 

NOSE: Wondrously complex: cocoa beans, honey, orange zest, exotic fruits, mild spices, a pinch of salt, and iodine. 

MOUTH: Sweet and sensual, with confirmation of the orange zest note, flowers, spices (ginger, vanilla), and cedar. 

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: This sumptuous rum can be enjoyed after the meal in a “tulip» glass. Lovely with all dark chocolate desserts. Cigar lovers will appreciate it with a Havana or Honduras. 

PACKAGING: 70 cl “Martinique” bottle, in an individual film-coated case. 2,016 bottles produced in October 2004 in Saint Pierre de la Martinique.

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