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Caribaea Initiative

Chantal Comte supports the Association Caribaea Initiative

The Caribaea Initiative logo can now be found on the back label of all vintages of Chantal Comte Rums in order to contribute to helping this association which is working in the West Indies for the preservation of biodiversity and the training of young West Indian scientists. The CARIBAEA INITIATIVE Association, founded in October 2014, is the only association for the study and protection of fauna in the world that tailors its actions to the scale of all of the islands of the Caribbean, from Cuba in the Northwest to Barbados in the Southeast. It is distinguished by the priority it gives to the training of local experts with a high scientific level who work in a network in order to issue relevant recommendations in terms of management of fauna and of the environment.

To this end, the CARIBAEA INITIATIVE Association, led by Frank Cezilly, solicits donations to carry out various types of actions. Through close links to local institutions, it develops scientific programs for the study of fauna for the training of West Indian students on the Bachelor's Degree, Master's and Doctoral levels.

The association also implements educational programs in high schools and junior high schools to increase the awareness of young West Indians regarding the issues of preservation of biodiversity in order to encourage their interest in careers in this field

Lastly, through the scientific events that it organizes every year, it facilitates communications and equitable cooperation between researchers of the West Indies and of other countries.

Chantal Comte, who was elected to the Board of Directors of the Association, has family ties in the West Indies and a strong link with the islands of the Caribbean, has taken a strong interest in the association's actions and particularly support for the training of young researchers.

By donating a contribution from the sale of each bottle of rum to the CARIBAEA INITIATIVE association, Chantal Comte wishes to get involved and contribute concretely to the protection of Caribbean wildlife as well as to the training of future Caribbean experts.


Eko Kakao

Chantal Comte

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