White Rum Agricole
Controlled designation of origin (AOC)
Martinique rum

Gold Medal - Concours Spirit Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Brussels in October 2020.
Double Gold Medal. Madrid Rum Festival 2018.

INTRODUCTION: “Fighting spirit” evokes fortitude andvalour- determination to win, whatever the odds. It alsoevokes a famous spirit drink issued to combat troops duringthe two world wars to boost morale. People with fightingspirit don’t take “no” for an answer! Fighting Spirit Gold is oneof the top white rums in Chantal Comte’s exclusive collection.After “Fighting Spirit Red Line”, and «Fighting Spirit Blue»,«Fighting Spirit Gold” combines power with a delightful floralbouquet. It is a premium spirit in a premium bottle.

EYE: crystal clear and diamond bright.

NOSE: all the mouth-watering aromas of its two predecessors,“Fighting Spirit Red Line, and «Fighting Spirit Blue”, with hintsof sea air (saline and iodine notes) and more dominant floralnotes (stephanotis and Samana flowers, to be exact.).

MOUTH: a smooth, sweet honey-like flavour quenches theflame of the alcohol. There are lovely hints of sugar cane,fruit and exotic flowers.

PROOF: 50% Vol

RECOMMENDATIONS: Try it neat, at room temperature,like a grappa, at cocktail time or at the end of a good meal.Personally, I recommend serving Fighting Spirit Gold neatand well-chilled. Ice would dilute its boldness, and mixerstend to mask some of its uniquely distinctive taste qualities.(However, if you are an unabashed lover of traditional Creole“‘Ti Punch”, indulge yourself and add just the right amount ofcane syrup and freshly squeezed lime!).

Absolutely delicious for a Caribbean cocktail party, withaccras de morue (cod fritters), boudin antillais (Antilles blackpudding),and féroce d’avocat (spicy avocado & cod mix). Alsomagnificent with bottarga or classic fare like oysters, caviarand smoked fish.This rum is produced by Distillerie du Simon, the famousdistillery on the Atlantic coast of the island of Martinique.Limited series of 6000 bottles, silk screen printed for ChantalComte.
Bottled in April 2017.

Chantal Comte

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