• CUVEE CARIBAEA Martinique AOC White rum

CUVEE CARIBAEA Martinique AOC White rum

Limited edition
Bottles numbered from 0001 to 1150 
Presented in individual engraved wooden boxes

Bronze Medal. Madrid Rum Festival 2018

A share of the profits of this cuvée are donated to theCaribaea Initiative ((www.caribaea.org) who supportsbiodiversity action and education in the West Indies.

DESCRIPTION OF THE CARIBAEA CUVÉE: The Caribaea cuvée is the fourth white rum in the 35-year history of the Rhums Chantal Comte Collection.

ORIGIN: Distillerie du Simon - Le François - Martinique

ALCOHOL: 50,16 % VOL

TASTER’S NOTES: Crystal clear, with a nice viscosity.
A bountiful nose from the very first whiff. Iodised notes from the Atlantic coast of Martinique. A pinch of saltin a gentle explosion of exotic flowers. In the mouth, the strength of the alcohol is immediately softened by a surprisingly rich, aromatic pallet of cool, exotic fruit sensations.

RECOMMENDATIONS: especially nice with smoked fish, caviar or accras de morue (Creole cod fritters). Try it in a traditional Antilles Ti’punch ( rhum agricole, lime, and cane syrup), or as an after dinner delight on a square of dark chocolate.

Also surprisingly tasty with full-fat cheeses like Vieux Salers, or with cheese gougers. Great with Jabugo ham and spicy chorizo.

Chantal Comte suggests serving it straight, ice cold, to appreciate the full complexity of its flavour.

Chantal Comte

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