Appelation d’Origine Contrôlée 
Rhum de la Martinique 
Rhum Vieux Agricole VO

Brut de fûts (cask-strength) 
Limited edition

« Gold Medal » Concours Spirit Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Guadeloupe in June 2022.

ORIGIN: Selected and bottled by Chantal Comte in the cellars of l’Habitation Saint-Etienne, 97213 Gros-Morne, Martinique.

TRACEABILITY: This cuvée of aged rum is from 2017-09 cask batches.
Cask type: American oak Type: Bourbon premium spirit char 4.
100% first use of new casks.
The term Rhum Vieux (‘aged rum’) refers to rum that has aged for at least three full years.
This rum is four years old.
- Distillation date: 08 June 2017
- Date set to age: 09 October 2017
- Bottled: 05 May 2021
From this cuvée, come 1,600 bottles, numbered from 0001 to 1600, numbered from 0001 to 1600.

PACKAGING: Oslo bottle with natural headed cork and tin cap, with tear strip. Packed in an engraved single wooden box. Label illustrated with an original drawing by Cyril Girard, a scientific researcher, and naturalist painter. 

EYE: Deep, golden, luminous amber. Signs of glycerol, typical of nice viscosity. 

NOSE: Balance and elegance. Smooth Melted spices; bourbon vanilla, tobacco leaf, brioche. 

MOUTH: Unadorned finesse; notes of cocoa, honey, coffee, honeycomb, and roasted hazelnut. Fine bitterness evoking new wood. Ginger and grapefruit. No caramel was added.

PROOF: 57 % Vol. Cask-strength 

GOES WELL WITH: Serve at room temperature with a spicy barbecue, partridge terrine, half-cooked foie gras, chocolate cake, a tablet of dark chocolate, or a fine cigar.

We continue to support Caribbean biodiversity and to contribute to the university education of future local naturalists, with our Cuvée Caribaea rum. For each bottle of cuvée Caribaea you buy, we contribute to the Caribaea Initiative association (www.caribaea.org). The Caribaea Initiative logo on the back label represents our commitment to this noble cause.

TO TRULY APPRECIATE A BRUT DE FÛTS: Take just a few drops into your mouth. Keep your mouth closed, and roll the rum around on your tongue before swallowing. This will allow you to fully savour the intense aromatic palette of this rare, powerful cask-strength rum.

Chantal Comte

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