Millésime 1977

Very fine old rum
Martinique AOC

PRESENTATION: first and foremost, this rum is a magnificent 20 years old. In fact producing spirits is quite a different exercise from producing wine. Wine is sensitive to the year of production, depending on how the pruning, the climate, the concentration, the amount of sunshine and the conditions of flowering, ripening and harvesting differ each time. The vintage thus becomes an essential indicator of quality.

None of this applies in the case of spirits. The basic product is first derived from distillation, and is thus a pure and neutral product; here, all that counts is the quality of the water in which the canes are soaked prior to distillation, the equipment used by the distillery, and the distilleries know how and the hygiene maintained within his premises. The climate only influences sugar cane in terms of the volumes produced. It is a “continuous distillation” process taking place inside a column, also known as an Armagnac column, meaning that there can be no separation between heads and tails, or any “heating core”, a term wrongly used since it in no way corresponds to the process of distilling rum.

Native area: Southern part of the island. Here, the sugar cane benefits from sea breezes and the islandisstrongest sunshine.

« Old » rum is the crème de la crème. It possesses the same nobility as its cousins, the great brandies. It is the equal of Cognac, Armagnac and the great wiskies. All too often, the general public reamain unfamilar with it. (Cf. Guy Jacquemont – ‘Le Rhum’).

Colour: Golden, with a thick, clear and brigh disc.

Nose: Vanilla, musk, candied oranges, exotic fruits and tree bark.

In the mouth: A delicate and full rum, tasting of coffee, chocolate and vanilla – smooth and well-defined aromas of tamarind and guava – with a silky texture and a taste that lingers exceptionally long in the mouth.

Wine waiter’s recommandations: Drink it on its own: it is a rum to meditate with… should be tasted neat, like any great spirit, in a large balloon glass at ambient temperature – divine on dark chocolate.

Chantal Comte

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