White Rum 
AOP Martinique
Bronz Medal - International Spirits Challenge 2011(UK) 
Golden Medal - International Rum Conference Madrid 2014

PRESENTATION: FIGHTING SPIRIT, a magical name toevoke the strength of a great Rum: Martinique, Guadeloupe,the Caribbean islands, Marie Galante… names laden withthe history of France and America, images of freebootersand pirates, of the heat of the tropics, of white sands, thefragrance of the islands, of sweet spice… Its strong and soberimage confers on Fighting Spirit Blue Rum its distinction.”Blue” for the Distillery du Simon, which stands in the limpidblue waters of François Bay, like a ship on the banks of theAtlantic Ocean. “Blue” for the clear azure of the Martiniquesky. Chantal Comte has chosen this rum for its exceptionalqualities. It is one of the gems of her collection of rare anddistinctive rums.


ORIGIN: Distillerie du Simon - Martinique

COLOUR: White rum, transparent with a touch of blue.

ON THE NOSE: aromas of fresh cane sugar, sweet,voluptuous, enhanced with a hint of salt, like a salt buttercaramel. A rare indulgence, with flavours of fruits and flowerslike stephanotis, tamarind, mahogany, or those sweet flowersof the Samanas, the delicately perfumed “buis de Chêne”

ON THE PALATE: a joyful explosion of cane sugar, Campechehoney with a hint of the sea.

SERVING: drink straight, at room temperature, like a grappa,as an after dinner drink, or serve iced, like vodka, as an aperitif.It is equally delicious in a “Ti Punch” with ice, a trace of sugarsyrup and a zest of lime. Fighting Spirit Blue Rum can alsobe used in all the most imaginative cocktails, which will beenhanced by its exceptional aromatic qualities.

Chantal Comte

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