From Madeira Island - Distillery J. Faria - Porto Da Cruz

«Great Gold Medal» at the Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition, held in Barcelona in February 2024.
«Bronze Medal» at the London Spirits Competition held in London in March 2024.

ORIGIN: Madeira Island - Distillery J. Faria. Engenhos Do Norte - Porto Da Cruz.Made from pure fresh sugar cane juice.

TRACEABILITY: This cuvée comes from lot 26/20 selected by Chantal Comte in the cellars Saint Eloi 88. Bottling in October 2023 (Lot R231004).
It was made from this cuvée 3022 bottles numbered from 0001 to 3022.

AGEING: Aged half in terracotta amphorae (made in Tuscany) and half in red Cognac barrels.

HISTORY: The new cuvée L’Arbre du Voyageur is aptly named. Chantal Comte choosed, this time, a new destination, far from the Antilles, the Island of Madeira, a rock rising from the Atlantic Ocean at the latitude of Casablanca. A tiny island (a tenth of Corsica) where sugar cane, Roxa variety, occupies only one hundred and fifty hectares of land and produces this nectar, under the influence of the warm sun, the cold sea, the iodized winds that sweeps this paradise with tropical vegetation.

EYE: A golden brown, transparent, rich in glycerol.

NOSE: Virile and complex of sweet spices, blond tobaccoleaves, notes of golden brioche, buttery.

MOUTH: Structure, complexity and power characterize this rum. Confirmation of the spicy character of this rum. Light woody. Elegance and finesse of tannins. Great complexity (spices and citrus) and great length. A real gem!

PROOF: 63 % alc./vol.

SERVICE TIP: Serve at room temperature in a spirit glass to enjoy the rare power of this barrel rum, it is necessary to take a few drops in the mouth and keep the mouth closed then round it with its saliva to enjoy this aromatic palette so intense without having the fire of alcohol.

GOES WELL WITH: This rum will be voluptuously accompanied by a bar of dark chocolate from Eric Comte, or a cake «squarely chocolate» from Pierre Hermé. It will be magnified again by a cigar of Havana, of beautiful invoice.

Enjoy this fine rum responsibly.

Chantal Comte

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