Rum from the Windward Islands of the Caribbean. Reimonenq distillery - Sainte Rose - Guadeloupe.

«Great Gold Medal» at the Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition, held in Barcelona in February 2024.

ORIGIN: Rum from the Windward Islands of the Caribbean. Reimonenq distillery - Sainte Rose - Guadeloupe.
Made from pure fresh sugar cane juice.

TRACEABILITY: This cuvée comes from lot 59/22 selected by Chantal Comte in the Chais Saint Eloi 88. Blend of rums aged under wood from the Atlantic, Marteray and Cavin cooperies (Aphrodite barrels: fine grains).It was taken from this cuvée 2071 bottles silkscreened for Chantal Comte.
Bottling in October 2023 (Lot R231006).

HISTORY: The cuvée «L’Or des Caraïbes» and «La Tour de l’Or», as rare as they are unpredictable, represent the most prestigious cuvées in the Chantal Comte Rums Collection. Their number is limited and Chantal Comte selects them, with her traditional requirement, for their exceptional qualities. As their breeding, their bottling mobilizes an extreme attention to detail.

BREEDING: Dominique Honoré, President of Chais Saint Éloi 88, has, in the selection of its barrels, an absolute requirement. He works with the best coopers and each origin of his barrels contributes to enrich and magnify the rums entrusted to him. Here, the barrels of Atlantic, Marteray, Cavin (Aphrodite barrels: a must!) played their score with finesse, character and elegance for eighteen months.

EYE: Beautiful gold color, beautiful bright and sunny shine. Thick glycerol tears.

NOSE: A bouquet of citrus! A frank and lively attack, lemon, orange blossom, honey. Quintessence of aromas of sugar cane.

MOUTH: freshness and complexity: lemon, vanilla, notes of pineapple roasted with sugar, roasted wheat, malt. A reminiscence of our childhood biscuits. Citrus fruits, lemon zest. A very balanced rum, harmonious and silky. An amazing length on the palate and a perfect elegance. A great tasting moment!

PROOF: 65 % alc./vol.

SERVICE TIP: Serve at room temperature.

GOES WELL WITH: This rum will be perfect on baked seafood. On poultry with cream and mushrooms. For dessert, on a lemon meringue pie, a fruit brioche, exotic fruits. It will bring lightness and finesse to all chocolate desserts.

Enjoy this fine rum responsibly.

Chantal Comte

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