• LA TOUR DE L’OR Martinique AOC White rum

LA TOUR DE L’OR Martinique AOC White rum

Limited edition
Bottles numbered from 0001 to 1250
Presented in individual engraved wooden boxes

INTRODUCTION: Chantal Comte called this marvel «La Tour de l’Or blanc» in honour of Seville, the starting point of Christopher Columbus’s journey to bring back treasures from the new world. On the banks of the Guadalquivir in Spain, a 13th century Almohad tower stands like a nostalgic sentinel, in the beautiful Andalusian light.
It is a poetic and historical link to the far-off islands describedby Saint-John Perse: « the first solitary islands, round islands ringed by infinite space like stars...The sea between the islands is lustfully round… »

This is only the third white rum in the 35-year history of the Rhums Chantal Comte Collection. It is the first white run in the Tour de l’Or range.

Selected for the richness of its pallet and the pureness of itstaste.

ORIGIN: Distillerie du Simon - Le François - Martinique

ALCOHOL: 46,04 % VOL. Distilled using the so-called petites eau method. Two years were required to produce this smooth, even elixir. Made with demineralised water.

TASTER’S NOTES: Transparency, viscosity, brilliance. A joyous attack with notes of mango, lychee, and honey. There is a slight hint of refreshing menthol. Fresh. slightly iodised, lively, warm and bold. Subtle aromatic palette with hints of spices, vanilla, pepper and flowers.

RECOMMENDATIONS: For purists, ice-cold and straight up, to savour the full taste undiluted. Or sip it in a Ti’punch (rhum agricole, lime, and cane syrup), while munching on accras de morue (Creole cod fritters). Lovely with caviar, smoked fish, shrimp ceviche and other seafood starters. Marvellous with semi-cooked foie gras. Goes well with cheeses such as Salers, Cantal, and Manchego.

Chantal Comte

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