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- Saint Pierre de Martinique at the end of the last century: a tropical paradise, a bright and smooth bay with «water smoother than the stuff of dreams», in the words of the poet Saint-John Perse. At the foot of Mount Pelée, surrounded by lush vegetation, Saint-Pierre was the capital of the West Indies: 30,000 inhabitants, with an immense theatre that still attests to its grandeur. The painter Gauguin visited Saint-Pierre. Enticed by the beauty of the place, he stayed for almost a year.

- May 8, 1902 was hell on earth, with the eruption of Mount Pelée: 30,000 dead. Only one survivor: a tramp who had been locked up due to his drunkenness and was saved only by the thickness of the walls. The elite of the West Indies were wiped out. From this dazzling city, only ashes remain. Victor Depaz was fifteen years old then, and like many young «Békés», was studying in Bordeaux. Seven years later, he returned  to Saint Pierre, and wept over the ruins of his birthplace, Château Perinel. He would never leave again. Almost in defiance, he bought La Montagne House on the very slopes of Mount Pelée.

By choosing to return to Saint Pierre, he returned to his family roots. With his decisions to buy La Montagne House, he returned to the very roots of history, as it was the island’s first sugar and rum establishment. It was the first property of Jacques du Parquet, nephew of Esnambuc, who had claimed the island of Martinique in the name of the King of France.

One of the secrets of Depaz Rums is the exceptional quality of the water used to soak the sugarcane before distillation, and which is also essential afterwards, to bring the alcohol level down to the desired proof. The slopes of the volcano provide the purest water on the island: it is the source of the Goyave, which supplies the distillery. The Rhum Agricole Plantation de la Montagne Pelée owes its reputation to its unique terroir, the freshness of its sugarcane, the purity of the water, and its traditions of quality distillation and ageing.

ALCOHOL: 45% vol

ORIGIN: Depaz Distillery - Saint-Pierre - Martinique

TERROIR: The slopes of Mount Pelée, fertilized by the volcanic eruption of 1902. Sugarcane fields surround the distillery, which ensures the freshest possible harvest.

WATER PURITY: The distillery’s water supply is from the Goyave, the purest water on the island.

ROBE: Blonde, brilliant.

NOSE: Floral, the height of finesse, with a hint of cedar and citrus, notes of toasted almonds, a sober and strict profile.

MOUTH: Elegant and sweet. Confirmation of citrus, spice, and amber notes. Long persistence.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: this rum is perfect as an «old Ti-punch» cocktail for drinks with friends,  or in festive desserts with chocolate and nuts. It can be enjoyed straight ,at the end of a meal in a «tulip» glass. Cigar lovers will enjoy it with a Havana or Honduras. Comes in a 70cl cognac-style bottle of 70 cl, in an individual round case. 3,100 bottles produced in October 2004 in Martinique. The label depicts the palms of the Arbre du Voyageur, against an ivory background.

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