White rum
Marie-Galante - Guadeloupe

INTRODUCTION: “Fighting Spirit” is a magical name that embodies the strength of a great rum. Fighting spirit is the first white rum to be included in Chantal Comte’s Amber rums collection, because it is unique, and of exceptional quality. It is an absolute “must”.
Rum, Caribbean, Marie-Galante, these are names filled with images of buccaneers and pirates, tropical warmth, white sand, and sweet fragrances., and that’s why Fighting Spirit conveys such a strong and sober image, so as to stand out.


ORIGIN: Marie-Galante (Guadeloupe) French West Indies. Developed by Dominique Thiery of the Bielle Distillery for Chantal Comte.

ROBE: crystal white.

NOSE: starts off with amazing aromas of white truffles, then sweet notes: fresh sugarcane, tuberose, lychee, candy sugar, vanilla. All the scents of the islands in a single glass, with the virile strength of a powerful, balanced rum.

MOUTH: confirmation of the aromatic power, fresh sugarcane, vanilla.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Drink neat at room temperature, or in a «Ti Punch” cocktail on the rocks, with a dash of cane sugar syrup, and a twist of lime.
The exceptional aromatic qualities of Fighting Spirit make it the perfect rum for all the most creative cocktails.

Brillat Savarin, a famous author, who wrote about gastronomy, once said: “There is no such thing as fine cuisine without fine ingredients.” Chantal Comte paraphrases him this way:  “There is no such thing as a fine cocktails without a fine rum.

Chantal Comte

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