Brut de Fûts (cask-strength)

Extra-aged Rhum Agricole
Controlled designation of origin (AOC)
Martinique rum

Double Gold Medal. Madrid Rum Festival 2018 and elected «Best Agricole Rum of the year»

TRACEABILITY : This cuvée comes from Section 22 of the La Mauny
Distillery cellars.
It was aged in a single French 360-litre cognac cask.
- Start of ageing in casks: 30 June 2005
- Ageing period: 11 years
- Standing period in stainless steel tanks: 12 months
- Bottled: April 2017.
From this cuvée, come 515 70cl bottles, numbered
from 001 to 515.

EYE : Gorgeous bright, warm, chestnut colour.
Proper thick disk, sign of good glycerol level. Nice viscosity.

NOSE : Exuberant. Full of incense with a touch of liquorice
and delicate woodiness.

MOUTH : elegance and finesse.
Notes of pine resin, brioche, incense, cinnamon and vanilla.

PROOF : 51,5 % Vol.

SERVE : with dark chocolate gateau, Manchego cheese, marvellous marzipan, or mendiants (French confection studded with nuts and dried fruits). Heaven on Earth with
a Havana Churchill cigar.

HISTORY : Chantal Comte called this marvel «La Tour de l’Or blanc» in honour of Seville, the starting point of Christopher Columbus’s journey to bring back treasures from the new world. On the banks of the Guadalquivir in Spain, a 13th century Almohad tower stands like a nostalgic sentinel, in the beautiful Andalusian light. It is a poetic and historical link to the far-off islands described by Saint-John Perse: “The first solitary islands, round islands ringed by infinite space like stars...The sea between the islands is lustfully round...”

We continue to support Caribbean biodiversity and to contribute to the university education of future local biodiversity

specialists, with our lovely cuvée Caribaea rum. For each bottle of cuvée Caribaea you buy, we contribute €1 to the Caribaea Initiative association ( The Caribaea Initiative logo on the bottle represents our commitment to this noble cause.

Chantal Comte

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