Extra old Rum
AOP Martinique

Médaille d’Argent - International Spirits Challenge 2011(UK)

PRESENTATION : Chantal Comte has selected this rum during her search for rare and precious rums.
L’Arbre du Voyageur, in Antillas, is a tree which holds a reserve of drinking water in the chalice of its fronds. It is also the symbol of the Martinique hospitality .

ALCOHOL : 45,5°

ORIGIN : Martinique 

TERROIR : the plane of Lamentin. The fields of sugar cane surround the distillery, and so ensure the freshness of the harvest.

PURITY OF THE WATER : the water comes from the Bel Air Well.

COLOUR : a beautiful topaz colour with warm gold tones.

NOSE : it has aromas of "Campèche" honey with inimitable creole overtones.

PALATE : the fresh notes of ginger, vanilla, spices and flowers. We discover the notes of damp and warm tropical undergrowth: musc and amber mixed with voluptuous notes of tuberose and citrus fruit. An exceptional rum!

SERVING RECOMMENDATIONS : this fine rum is best appreciated straight but can also be served as a «punch vieux», as an aperitif as well as with festive chocolate or walnut desserts. Cigar aficionados will appreciate it with a Havana or a cigar from Ecuador.

Chantal Comte

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