RHUM VIEUX (3 ans d’age)

Aged Rhum Agricole
AOC Rhum de la Martinique

TRACEABILITY : This cuvée comes from section 15 of the La Mauny Distillery cellars.Aged in French oak casks (oak from the Forest of Tronçais)
- Ageing period: 3 years
- Standing period in stainless steel tanks: 8 months
- Bottled: October 2018.
From this cuvée, come 3,000 bottles, numbered from 0001 to 3,000.

EYE : Topaz blond hue, bright and golden, a disk.
Thick and rich in glycerol

NOSE : Full, rich, elegant and smooth

MOUTH : Incense, vanilla and mild spices, a hint of aniseed,the warmth of the tropical forest, and infinite persistence.This rum illustrates the famous quote “True, I am young, but for souls nobly born,valour doesn't await the passing of years.” (French tragedian Pierre Corneille, 1606-1684)

PROOF : 53.5 % Vol. Cask-strength.

SERVE : At room temperature, with lovely truffles;grilled lobster; semi-cooked foie gras; soft, fully ripened cheese; fine chocolates or with a great Churchill cigar, like a Romeo y Julieta wide.

HISTORY : Chantal Comte decided to name her young and ardent rums “L’Arbre du Voyageur” to recall the Traveller's palm (Ravenala) planted in front of West Indian homes as a sign of welcome.

OUR ADVICE: To truly appreciate the rare power of this cask-strength rum, roll just a few drops around on your tongue with your mouth closed, and savour the hearty aroma.

We continue to support Caribbean biodiversity and to contribute to the university education of future local biodiversity specialists, with our Cuvée Caribaea rum. For each bottle of cuvée Caribaea you buy, we contribute €1 to the Caribaea Initiative association (www.caribaea.org). The Caribaea Initiative logo on the bottle represents our commitment to this noble cause.

Chantal Comte

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